July - 2019:- Volume - XI

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1.The Impact of Job Satisfaction on Teacher's Organizational Citizenship Behavior: A Study of Primary and High Schools of Three Districts of Punjab (Click here)
Deepika Gupta and Dr. Harinder Singh Gill

2.A Study on Growth of Goods and Services Tax (GST) in India - An Innovative Instrument for Indian Corporate Sectors (Click here)
Dr. P. Govindan

3.Spill over effects of Developed Economies on Indian Stock market (Click here)
R.Kumara Kannan MBA, CFA, (PHD), UGC-NET, Dr.Jesiah Selvam PhD and Ms. S. Abinaya Devi

4.The Impact of Macroeconomic Variables on Stock Market Performance with Special Reference to BSE Sensex (Click here)
Dr. Tanvi Bhalala

5.Impact of Merger & Acquisition on Financial Performance of Selected Companies: Pre & Post Merger Analysis of RIL & Network 18 Merger (Click here)
Abhay Kant and Prof. L.N. Koli

6.A Study on the Service Quality of Financial Inclusion in Rural Area (Click here)
Dr. Anoop V.

7.Alternative Sources of Financing Capital Expenditure in Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (Click here)
Dr. Sanjay Rode

8.Futures And Options In Equity Derivatives: Nse's Status Quo (Click here)
Shubham and Dr. V.S. Sundaram

9.A study on Pre and Post Financial Performance of Mergers and Acquisitions: A case study of Bharti Airtel (Click here)
Suruchi Satsangi and Prof. Prem Das Saini

10.Investment in financial market: a case of women's educationalist. (Click here)
Pragati Tomar

11.Study of 'International Business - Spare Part Operation Process' at One of the Large Automobile Manufacturer in India & Reduction in Supply Lead Time (Click here)
Dr. Sagar Bhosale

12.Interconnection between Stock Market and Foreign Exchange Market (Click here)
Suchitra Ranglani

13.Personality Traits and Behavioral Biases of Indian Investors (Click here)
Fozia Mehtab and Dr. H Nagaraj

14.A Study of Management by Exception: Active, Passive & Laissez-faire Leadership Style of Leaders in B School. (Click here)
Ms. Kiran Gehani Hasija, Dr. Anukool M. Hyde and Dr. Vivek S. Kushwaha

15.Regional Disparity in Monetary Policy Transmission across Indian States (Click here)
Mohit Pandey

16.Selection of QSRs on the basis of Customers' Marital Status: A Study of Gurugram City (Click here)
Dr. Ubba Savita, Pooja Yadav, and Preeti Sharma

17.A Study on Volatility of Spot Price of Turmeric using GARCH Model (Click here)
Puja Sharma and Tanushree Sharma

18.A Study on the Effectiveness of Conflict Management in Human Resource Management (Click here)
Resmi R Chandran

19.A Study on Impact of Social Media Marketing on Brand Awareness, Brand Preference and Purchase Intention with Special Reference to Young Consumers (Click here)
Dr. Sushilkumar M. Parmar

20.A Perceptual Study About Organizational Learning Practices & Its Effect on Organizational Commitment (Click here)
Dr. Garima Mathur, Mansi Tiwari and Prof. Suvijna Awasthi

21.Impact of Management Education on the Employability Skills of Management Graduates (Click here)
Neelam Wadhwani and Dr. C.K. Goyal

22.A Study on Government's Roles , Responsibilities and initiatives on Sustainable Practices in context to Organic Food Market in Bengaluru (Click here)
Mrs. Priyanka Khanzode (Darvekar) and Mrs. Anwesha Chattopadhyay

23.Comparing the asset quality of banks In a developing economy : A study of Indian public sector, private sector and foreign sector banks (Click here)
Priyanka Mahajan

24.Understanding Effectiveness of Coupon Promotion on Consumer Purchase Decision (Click here)
Neha Soni and Dr. Manoj Verghese

25.Public Private Partnership: A Tool for Effective Training in Small and Medium Enterprises (Click here)
Dr. Alpa Sethi

26.Analysis of Reviews of an International Movie using Sentiment Analysis: A Qualitative approach. (Click here)
Ms. Debadrita Panda and Mr. DiptoHalder

27.Post-Adoption Consequences in Internet Banking: An Exploratory Study (Click here)
Palima Pandey, and Alok Kumar Rai

28.A Logistic Regression Model of Customer Satisfaction for Online Food Delivery Services (Click here)
Dr. Kali Charan Modak and Dr. Kumkum Sinha

29.Flow of Human Capital among BRICS Nations (Click here)
Aditi Tongia and Kanhaiya Ahuja

30.Significance of demographic variables in the study of Workplace Spirituality (Click here)
Dr. Puja Khatri and Pragya Gupta

31.Factors Affecting Quality of Life in India: An Inter-State Analysis (Click here)
Kanhaiya Ahuja and Sujay S Phatak

32.The Effect of Leadership Style on the Perceived Job Stress. (Click here)
Dr. Manisha Singh

33.Examining The Role Of Social Cause Related Marketing In The Formation Of Consumer Attitude (Click here)
Simranjit Kaur and Dr. Amardeep Kaur Ahluwalia

34.Gold Imports :- Boon or Bane (Click here)
Dr. Nehaa Tripathi

35.Sectoral composition of bad loans: A study of schedule commercial banks in India (Click here)
Dr. Gagan Bhati and Dr. Vivek Singh Kushwaha

36.Problems Of Selling Financial Services: A Study Of Select Private Sector Banks (Click here)
Mr. Sanjay Sinha and Dr. Kumud Ch. Goswami