Guidelines for submitting research paper

1. Manuscript is to be submitted in soft copy only by email to

2. Manuscript should be written in English/Hindi and typed in font style “Times New Roman” and font size 12-point. They must be double spaced (including references, appendices, tables, and figures). As reviewers often prefer to write notes on the manuscript, authors should use one inch (2.54 centimeters) margins. Every page in the manuscript should contain a short running head and the page number. This information should be right justified. Manuscript length should be limited to 5000 words inclusive of references, appendices, tables and figures.

3. Manuscript should be in below sequence:

I. Title of the Research Work
II. Authors details
III. Abstract
IV. Key words
V. Introduction
VI. Literature Review
VII. Research Objectives
VIII. Research Design/Methodology
IX. Data Analysis
X. Results & Findings
XI. Conclusion
XII. Suggestions (Optional)
XIII. Future Scope of Study (Optional)
XIV. Reference / Bibliography

4. Titles should be in upper and lower case letters, 16 point Times New Roman, bold.

5. The full length article/paper should be around 3000-5000 words. Abstract of manuscript is mandatory. The abstract of the paper should be between 200-250 words with at least five key words.

6. Manuscript should have a title page with each author’s name, affiliation and contact information separately attached with the original manuscript. However the original Manuscript should not contain any detailed information (name, affiliation etc.) of the Author whatsoever.

7. Authors details should be in a separate page and no details of author should be given to anywhere in the paper.

8. Every page in the manuscript should contain a short running head and the page number. This information should be right justified.

9. All figures, i.e., diagrams, images or photographs and tables should be provided in the appropriate spaces. It should not be put in the end one by one. Each figure and table should have a heading, an explanatory caption if necessary, and a source or reference. Tables should be in MS Word. Figures can be submitted as TIFF/JPEG files.

10. Any one of the internationally accepted citation and reference guidelines should be followed consistently e.g. Harvard, Chicago and American Psychological Association. Sources for tables and figures should also be mentioned.

11. Copyright materials, including those taken from any website, should be clearly identified, and the copyright holder’s explicit permission to reproduce it must be submitted separately.

12. No changes/ alteration will be allowed in the manuscript title/ abstract/ authorship once the manuscript has been submitted.

13. The manuscript should neither have been presented in any conference earlier or published elsewhere; nor under consideration for presentation or publication.

14. Plagiarism in any form will result in rejection of the manuscript.

15. Bibliography should be in APA (American Psychological Association) style and numerical bullet points should be in square brackets like [ ]. Please refer any published paper from unnayan website.

16. Authors need to submit a declaration form that their manuscript is original and not published anywhere else.

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