Special Volume September - 2019

1.Retail Loans and Economic Development (An Inquiry into The Impact of Various Retail Loans on Economic Development in India) (Click here)
Vidya Telang

2.Impact of Celebrity Endorsement on Consumer Perception with Respect to Cosmetic Products (Click here)
Satnam Kaur Ubeja, Ranjana Patel, Shail Shri Sharma, Manisha Singhai

3.National or Private Labels: A Study on Consumer Preferences with Respect to Consumer Goods(Click here)
Dhanashree Nagar, Kshama Ganjiwale

4.Measuring Effectiveness of Marketing Strategies of Madhya Pradesh Tourism on Promotion of Tourism: A Brief Study (Click here)
Dhanashree Nagar, Kshama Ganjiwale

5.The Nexus Between Hedge Funds Investments in India and Stock Market Returns: A Study of Indian Stock Market (Click here)
Deepika Batra, N. K. Totala

6.Trust or Convenience: A Study of Online Buying Behavior (Click here)
Rajeev Shukla, Dhanashree Nagar, Ajit Upadhyay

7.The Impact of Entrepreneurship Style on Business Performance: A Review (Click here)
Jitendra Nimbodiya, N. K. Totala

8.An Empirical Analysis on the Efficiency of Cost-Of-Carry Model for Pricing NSE Stock Exchange Futures Contracts with Special Reference to Nifty Midcap 50 Index Futures (Click here)
Jolly Sushma Santosh, Vivek S. Kushwaha

9.Glimpse of Decline in Financing of Road Sector Projects: Study on a Government Owned NBFC (Click here)
Krishna Chaitanya Jha, Manvinder Singh Pahwa

10.A Study of Inspirational Motivation by Leader on Employee Engagement (Click here)
Kiran Gehani Hasija, Anukool M. Hyde, Vivek S Kushwaha

11.Envisioning Trucking Business Through Containerization of Road Freight Transportation (Trucking) Industry in India for Enhancing Profit Level and Operational Efficiency (Click here)
Mahendra Parihar, Manvinder Singh Pahwa

12.Key Dimension of Co-Creation from Tourist Perspective: A Literature Review (Click here)
Manish Saraf

13.Evolution of Indian Pharmaceutical Industry - Overview (Click here)
Manvi Aayush Sood

14.Role of Small and Medium Enterprises in Addressing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS): An Analysis with Reference to India (Click here)
Nidhi Gautam, Akash Sondhi

15.E-Governance: Digitalization of Government System and World Ranking of India (Click here)
Nidhi Jhawar, Neha Sahu

16.An Empirical Study on the Stress Level of Working Women in Indore City (Click here)
Parul Sharda, Simrat Tuteja

17.An Empirical Study: Factors Affecting Visitor's Satisfaction Towards Heritage Tourism Destination in India (Click here)
Shail Shri Sharma, Satnam Kaur Ubeja, Varun Sarda

18.Dividend Payout and Profitability Indicators: Empirical Analysis of BSE Listed Indian Auto Manufacturer Firms (Click here)
Rekha Melwani, Manish Sitlani

19.Investigating Trade Performance of Indian Ready to Eat Food: Exponential Growth Analysis (Click here)
Sapna Parihar

20.A Study on Performance Management Practices in Selected Indian Banks (Click here)
Sarit Parida

21.A Study on Crowd Funding Status in India: A Review of Literature (Click here)
Shalu Kotwani, Sandeep Kumar Malu

22.A Study of Littering Behavior of Students of Devi Ahilya University with Respect to Clean India Mission (Click here)
Geeta Sharma, Sheetal Jaldhari, Shivani David

23.Perception of Product and System Properties and Adoption of Ecological Products (Click here)
Vishwas Chakranarayan

24.An Empirical Study About Happiness and Stress at Workplace: on Mandsaur University (Click here)
Swati Bhaiyya, Amrita Chaurasia

25.Gross National Happiness and Development in India: An Insight (Click here)
Shilpa Raghuwanshi

26.A Study on Fourth Industrial Revolution of India to "Envision 2030" (Click here)
Subodh Kumar Nalwaya