Special Volume July - 2018

1.A Study on Gender Based Preferences towards Grocery Stores in Indore (Click here)
Shilpa Raghuwanshi and Manish Jain

2.Factors Affecting Customer Preference for Local Furniture Brands (Click here)
Nidhi Sharma, AjitUpadhyaya and Raksha Thakur

3.Factors Influencing Consumer’s Intention to Use E-payment System: An Empirical Study (Click here)
Meenal Agrawal and Alok Bansal

4.Factors Influencing Customer Satisfaction in Health Insurance Services in India (Click here)
Monica Bhatia and Alok Bansal

5.The Role of Women Portrayed in the National Television Advertisements in India: A Case Study (Click here)
Tinkle V Shukla

6.A Study of Determinants of Customer Relationship Management in Banks - A User Perspective (Click here)
Sarfaraz Ansari, MinalUprety and Anuradha Mishra

7.Tourism Industry in India from Domestic and Global Perspective: Effect of Income on Visitors Satisfaction Towards Heritage Destination (Click here)
Shail Shri Sharma and VidyaTelang

8.A Study of Financial Feasibility of Solar Photovoltaic System (SPV): An Investment Analysis Approach (Click here)
Manish Dadhich and Manvinder Singh Pahwa

9.A Study of Impact of Gender and Age on Investment Behaviour (Click here)
Neha Ramnani Bhargava and Kiran GehaniHasija

10.Export Potential of Indian Agricultural and Processed Food Products (Click here)
Sapna Parihar

11.An Empirical Analysis of Demographic Diversity on Estimated Financial Capability Score (Click here)
Monu Bhargava , Manvinder Singh Pahwa, Pragya P Harsha and Manish Dadhich

12.Chronological Efficiency Assessment of Public Sector Banks of India (2013 to 2017) (Click here)
Dharmendra Mehta, Hitendra Trivedi, and N.K. Mehta

13.Reducing Uncertainty in Trade and Deciphering Future Challenges in Banking Industry through Application of Blockchain Technology (Click here)
Vikram Mohite

14.Risk and Profitability in Banking Sector in India (Click here)
Vidya Telang

15.Study on Role of Small Finance Banks for Achieving Financial Inclusion in India (Click here)
Bhaskar Arora, Saurabh Sharma, Manvinder Singh Pahwa and Shailesh Yadav

16.Study on Effects on Macro-Economic Variables on Indian Stock Market (Click here)
Riddhi Khara and Kapil Shrimal

17.Sustainable Business Practices and Stock Performance: A Study BSE Greenex and Constituents (Click here)
Abhay Raja

18.A Study of Employee’s Approach towards Organizational Talent Management Startegies (Click here)
Moon MoonLahiri and Manvinder Singh Pahwa

19.A Study of Relationship between Emotional Intelligent and Occupational Stress Among the Faculty Members with Special Reference to Business Schools in India (Click here)
Garima Agrawal, Anukool Manish Hyde and Prashant Gupta

20.CSR Practices in Service Sector: An Exploratory Study (Click here)
Dheeraj Tiwari

21.Demographic Study on Student Retention in Professional Institutes (Click here)
Ankita Jain and Anukool Manish Hyde

22.Demographical Study on Emotional Intelligence Among the Faculty Members with Special Reference to Business Schools in India (Click here)
Garima Agrawal, Anukool Manish Hyde and Prashant Gupta

23.Effects of Cities on Managing Work Life Balance of Working Woman (Click here)
Minal Bhartiya and Sangeeta Jain

24.Impact of Green HR Practices on Organizational Performances (Click here)
Ankita Chitkara

25.Impact of Nutrition on Working Expecting Women: Organisational Prospectives and Measures (Click here)
Pratibha Verma

26.Knowledge Management and Organizational Performance: The Case of a Telecommunication Organization in India (Click here)
Sweta Banerjee

27.Non Statutory Labour Welfare Measure in Textile Industry-with Special Reference to Pithampur Industrial Estate of MP (Click here)
Shreshth Chhabra, Vivek S Kushwaha, and Vipin Choudhary

28.Organizational Politics and its Correlates : A Study on Higher Education Systems in India (Click here)
Poonam Mishra, Amitabh DeoKodwani, Shiv Kumar Sharma, and Sanjeev Swami

29.Perceptions Towards Education in Ethics: A Study of University Students (Click here)
Manvinder Singh Pahwa, Anil Mehta and Smita Sharma

30.Work Life Balancing: A Case Study (Click here)
Manish Khargoankar and Rajeev Kumar Jhalani